About Us


Food for Joy is a small boutique cordial and food product business which utilises a large amount of fruit sourced locally, Food for Joy cordials are handmade in a registered kitchen in Moriac since August 2011. No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours are added to the cordial, they are all natural, making them a great alternative for children and people with allergies. Fruit is squeezed by hand and cordials bottled.

Each batch is made by the Owner / maker Heidi, who oversees the total product from sourcing/picking the fruits to delivering the final product, ensuring the freshest quality. You know the cordial is freshly made using the freshest fruit as there is always zest and fruity flavour in each drop.

Our cordials are great to enjoy in summer and winter. In summer they can be enjoyed with water, soda water, mineral water, sparkling water the list is endless. In winter they can be enjoyed with hot / boiling water as a tea. The can also be poured over ice creams puddings or dessert for a different sauce.


2018 GOLD Medal Australian Food Awards, Lemon and Lavender Cordial

2018 BRONZE Medal Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards, Lemon and Lavender Cordial

2017 BRONZE Medal, Australian Food Awards, Lemon and Ginger Cordial



Check out our Instagram page @foodforjoyprovedore for up to date locations where we will be showcasing and selling our products .